What does eTwinning offer?



Information: You can find information about eTwinning at:

Training: eTwinning offers you various training possibilities, both in the use of the platform and in other aspects related to the professional development of teachers.

Tools: Once registered on the eTwinning platform, you’ll have access to the following tools:

  • Communication tools: As part of the eTwinning Community, you have a desktop and a profile that you can customize, a search engine to contact teachers all over Europe, a contact section, a forum and internal messaging.
  • Project management: if you want to do a project with your pupils and other European partners, eTwinning offers you a secure working environment, called TwinSpace; and the Project Cards system, which allows you to communicate directly with the NSS.
  • eTwinning Course. This course presents everything you need to know about eTwinning and use of the platform. 1-2 courses are held per year in the form of “network training”. If you are interested in taking the course, see the notices to be announced at www.etwinning.es and register. It is recognized with 4 training credits.
  • Learning Events . These are mini online courses (4-15 days), which are held through the eTwinning Live Desktop. They deal with different subjects, are led by an expert and offer active work and discussion among teachers across Europe.
  • Training Platform. This is a test platform with the same appearance and features as the actual platform. It aims to provide teachers with the opportunity to become familiar with eTwinning without any fear of making mistakes. https://www.etwinning-training.net/es/pub/index.htm
  • “eTwinning Open” MOOC. Massive Online Open Course dealing with the fundamental concepts about eTwinning. Includes working principles for projects and collaboration, as well as the educational use of various ICT tools.

Ideas and experiences: You will find different examples of activities and projects on our national website (www.etwinning.es) and the European website (www.etwinning.net) that can be the starting point for your own projects.