eTwinning and KA1: ‘Job Shadowing in Action!’ Project

eTwinning and KA1: ‘Job Shadowing in Action!’ Project

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By promoting synergies efficiently in Erasmus+, a group of teachers from Szkoła Podstawowa no. 6 in Zabrze (Poland) and the FEDAC Prats de Lluçanès school (Spain) have shared an enriching ‘Job Shadowing’ experience through the eTwinning platform. Carme Pellicer, project coordinator at the Spanish school, tells us how this experience has been developed, and its benefits for the entire educational community. Continuar leyendo

eTwinning in Erasmus +


Since the launch of the Erasmus+ programme in January 2014, there have been many questions we have received on various aspects of eTwinning and Erasmus +. In some, a certain confusion has been observed in users in assigning features of one action to the other and vice versa. Although they are related initiatives (eTwinning is part of Erasmus+, Erasmus+ Programme guide ), they have different features. Continuar leyendo