Video-animation ‘Collaboration in eTwinning’

Video-animation ‘Collaboration in eTwinning’

We launch  a series of video-animations based on key pedagogical, functional and operational aspects related to  participation in eTwinning. The first of these concepts is ‘Collaboration in eTwinning projects’.
Tools, tips, project proposals and, in general, all the support and inspiration you can find in eTwinning, have the main objective of generating contexts for collaboration among partner schools.

In an eTwinning project, communication and interaction among the actors of the project are an indispensable minimum requisite. Communication and interaction among the partner teachers is necessary at the beginning of the project to discuss and agree on the design and planning of the project, as well as at each stage of its development and at its completion. There should be communication and interaction as well among the students, which is necessary for them to get to know each other, work, share results and/or make decisions together as they carry out the different tasks of the project aimed at the achievement of a common end product.

We hope the visual concepts described are useful and you enjoy the video. We will be interested to get your  feedback  on our social networks.

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