Twitter chat con embajadores europeos

Twitter chat con embajadores europeos

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Una de las actividades del MOOC “Open eTwinning”, que se está desarrollando hasta el día 2 de junio, consistió en la realización de un chat en Twitter con embajadores europeos el pasado 10 de mayo. Los participantes del MOOC publicaron preguntas y dudas con los hashtag #twinbassador y #twinmooc. Durante más de una hora, los embajadores contestaron a esas preguntas, aportando toda su experiencia ¿Te lo perdiste? Puedes ver las 14 preguntas y las respuestas (en inglés) en el Storify de abajo.

Estas fueron las preguntas que se hicieron:

 # Slide Question 
Q1 (3) When/how shall we start an eTwinning project? My first try went great, the other one is almost ‘slow motion’
Q2 (11) Any ideas or suggestions to deal with big groups in eTwinning projects?
Q3 (19)  Do you know any educative experience involving gamification and ICT?
Q4 (26)  Is it possible to carry out successful projects with (very) poor technological resources?
Q5 (42)  How can I get my colleagues involved in my projects?
Q6 (53)  Any advice about how to find good colleagues and how to improve collaboration in eTwinning?
Q7 (62)  I would like to learn all the possibilities and resources that the eTwinning platform offers
Q8 (72)  I’d like to know how to get feedback from my students apart from tests and exams.
Q9 (85)  Does anybody know any experience of peer evaluation among participants in a project?
Q10 (93)  I would like to offer my students a ‘real communication context’. Any ideas that would help?
Q11 (107)  Where can I find techniques to engage and motivate my students?
Q12 (113)  I’d like to find projects to learn subjects like science in English. Any CLIL projects references?
Q13 (118)  Which assessment tools are better to evaluate etwinning projects?
Q14     (125)      How can I attract teenagers to Maths?

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