WALL-Wizards at Language Learning

WALL-Wizards at Language Learning

WALL, Wizards at Language Learning WALL, is an eTwinning project involving primary schools from Poland, Latvia, Romania, Croatia, Greece and Spain (CP Ponent, Inca, Mallorca).

The aim of the project is to develop the language skills of students through various collaborative activities in the context of a fictional city.

The project is aimed at students from 9-11 years old who take on the role of ‘language wizards’, symbolically tearing down the ‘walls’ (WALL) that prevent learning of a second language. They participate in the curricular areas of Foreign Languages, Visual and Plastic Education and Computing.

Pupils work in groups and complete tasks related to their immediate environment and everyday life, which they then present in the form of videos, comics, word clouds and interactive images.

Book titled 'Magic Zoo Pedia'

The project also promotes the creation of student clubs formed by members of the various partner schools. These clubs are led by a teacher who acts as a ‘club president’ and communicates with them through emails and TwinSpace. In this way, students learn to perform work and communicate online with other European partners. Feedback is also encouraged in carrying out the tasks, making pupils participate with comments and suggestions and develop a critical view of their achievements and those of others.

We congratulate project teachers and students for an innovative and creative methodological proposal. From the eTwinning NSS we encourage you to continue this fruitful line of classroom learning.

Link to the project TwinSpace.

Image Source: Project TwinSpace

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  1. María Isabel Mayoral Giraldo says:

    I love the idea of “family” of the participants, having all “Wizards” as their surnames. This project really enhances creativity, imagination, agreement in taking decisions, exchanging emotions and showing to the others their environment and interests. I think the activities “Magic Gardens” and “Drawings” are amazing and quite motivating for all levels as they are totally visual (not looking for information, or writing, what they are used to in conventional learning)and the tool used is what they like:smartphones
    On the other hand it is a complete project because it is related to many different subjects:(Foreign)Language, Science, Art,,Technology and it improves values as respect to the others and the environment.

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