eTwinning projects


eTwinning projects promote collaborative learning: students learn from each other, interact, communicate and thus feel responsible for their own learning.

An eTwinning project starts with the minimal participation of two teachers of different nationalities. Later, more teachers of any nationality may be added. The subject will be anything agreed by the teacher members.




eTwinning workspaces


Once the project is approved, participating teachers and pupils have a secure workspace (TwinSpace) where they can perform all the activities.

In this virtual space participants will find tools such as blogs, forums, image galleries, content management, chats, video conferencing tools, etc.

eTwinning Live

Once registered in eTwinning, you will have a virtual space called eTwinning Live that you can customize and from where you can manage your projects. eTwinning Live is essentially a social space. Here you can update your information and your school, and you will find tools to contact teachers from the rest of Europe (partner finder, contacts list, project manager, forum, internal messaging, video conferencing tool ...). In short, our window to the rest of Europe.